How to Keep your Cockapoo Cool in the Heat

It has been a bit of a wait, but the dog days of summer are finally here! With the weather warming up we this could be very welcome for us humans, but it may be less so for our Cockapoo friends.
However, do not worry, at Felindre Cockapoos we prefer you and your cockapoo puppy to be prepared for those sunny days and balmy nights, so here are a few things you can do to make sure you can keep your BFF cool and content this summer: read more

A Guide to Your First Christmas with Cockapoo Puppies  

By Felindre Cockapoos Team

The first Christmas with any cockapoo puppy in the family is pretty much as special as the first with a new baby. At a time of year when there is already a whole heap of things to think about and tick off your to-do list, there are a fair few puppy-related considerations that you will also need to be aware of. read more

Seven Things You Might Not Know About Cockapoos

So, you think you know all about cockapoos?  Well, if you are considering taking one on as a puppy then that is a very good thing! Just in case you are still doing your research though, at Felindre Cockapoos, having bred cockapoo puppies for many years now, what we do not know about cockapoos is not worth knowing, in fact it is probably a myth, so in this month’s blog we will let you in on a few things about our very favourite breed. read more

How To Help Your ‘Spooked’ Cockapoo Puppy on Firework Night

It is that time of year again where, from Halloween through till New Year, fireworks can be heard going off around neighbourhoods across the UK for parties, celebrations and displays. Often, the first any dog owner knows about it is when their pet starts going berserk and you are tasked with trying to help him or her calm down again, trying to comfort your distressed pet as best you can. Sadly, fireworks night is often not at all a cause for celebration for many dog owners. read more

What Does a F1 Cockapoo Mean?

If you are new to the world of selecting a puppy, in particular a combined breed, then figuring out what some of the terms involved mean can be just a little confusing. Far from being anything to do with racing cars, F1, F1b, F2 are all connected with the parentage of the litter. Here, the Felindre Cockapoos team make sense of it all for any prospective clients.   read more

What Does My Felindre Cockapoo Like To Do?

You and your BFF (Best Furry Friend) spend a lot of time together, hanging out at local eateries, going for long walks on the beach, and chasing squirrels in the park (your BFF, not you). Taking long naps, eating all day and getting belly rubs feature too, but what else does your Felindre Cockapoo like to do that you maybe don’t know about?

We posed this question to a few Cockapoo-owned people. Want to know what they said? Carry on reading to find out what your Felindre Cockapoo puppy and adult dogs will do.


By their very nature, dogs like to socialise, but none so much as the Cockapoo. This is where socialisation comes in, and for your pooch, it doesn’t have to be with other dogs. Whether it’s the neighbour’s dog, the piglet on the farm or the pachyderm down the road, your fur baby thrives on meaningful friendships.


We’ve all heard about cat burglars but did you know your pooch likes taking things too. There are a couple of theories as to why your Cockapoo likes to steal your things. These include him wanting to have something of yours around so he doesn’t feel lonely, and it gives him something to do.

There is also the theory that your dog will do anything to get your attention, even if it means being ‘naughty’. If your pooch’s pilfering is getting out of hand, it isn’t necessary to get the strong arm of the paw involved. We suggest you maybe spend more time with him.


“I used to shout at my husband about his snoring at night until I realised it wasn’t him. It was Lucy, our Cockapoo.” Keri (Felindre Cockapoo Owner)

Sleeping ranks high on your Cockapoo’s list of things she loves doing, but sleeping with you, on your bed, well that is your pup living his best life.

Allowing your dog to sleep on your bed lets him know he is an important part of your world, and there is nothing he wants more. Of course, some experts would say this is an absolute no-no, and then there’s us.

Chasing tails

Let’s be honest, if you had a tail, you would chase it too. Tail-chasing is a form of hunting, and it is an instinct dogs are born with.

It is worth noting not all dogs do this, so if yours suddenly starts, it could be as a result of ticks or fleas, which you will need to check out.


“We were fighting a losing battle trying to stop KC from digging up our plants. In the end, we gave her an area in the garden where she digs to her heart’s content.” Dawn

Dogs dig. A lot. And it could be because they want to bury a treasure (usually yours), hide some leftover food or a treat, or just for fun.


It’s not called doggy paddle for nothing. Cockapoos love to swim, whether it is in ponds, a pool, a river or puddle of mud.

Swimming is a great way for your dog to stay in shape, and it is particularly good for older pets with arthritis, osteoarthritis, or mobility issues.

Watching TV

“When we pop out, my husband asks our Cockapoo what channel she would like to watch…” Caryn

Your dog might not see all the colours, but the sounds and certain images will keep him entertained while you’re getting dinner ready or helping the kids with homework.

If you like, check out DogTV, a channel that is dedicated to keeping your BFF occupied.


Cockapoos are one of the smartest dog-types around, which is why they love learning new things. Whether it is obedience classes or agility courses, it is essential to keep your dog mentally fit, otherwise boredom sets in and that’s when the destructive behaviour begins.


Like learning, giving your pooch a job gives them a sense of purpose. You can train him to get your slippers or his leash when it’s time for a walk. Even throwing a stick and him retrieving it is a job as far as your pup is concerned. Cockapoos are especially good as therapy dogs.

Leaving your dog to his own devices is going to lead to boredom and can even leave him feeling depressed.

And don’t forget the praise and reward.

Sitting. On your feet

Ever wondered why your Cockapoo sits on your feet?

Some experts say it is his way of showing you love, while others suggest it is him protecting you. He could also do this to let other dogs in the area know that you are his and they should stay away.

In some cases, especially with puppies, it could be that they’re a little nervous and are making sure you don’t go anywhere.


It had to come up, didn’t it? Dogs like to hump, and even though it is embarrassing for you as the owner, it is completely normal, especially in younger male dogs.

You could if you felt it necessary, have him neutered but there aren’t any guarantees that it will stop the behaviour.

Licking things

Licking is your Cockapoo saying “I love you”. Dogs will also lick the dominant animal (you) to show they are submissive. It could also be because you just taste good.

Dogs groom themselves by licking, and just like some kids suck their thumbs, it could be self-soothing for your pooch.

Exploring with you read more

Our DEFRA-registered Team Can Bring Your Cockapoo Puppy to You

The welfare of animals during transport is protected by an EU legislation, which aims to ensure that no suffering or harm is caused to each animal during this transportation process.

Reassuring for all dog owners, this piece of legislation was implemented and supported by DEFRA. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs is the government department responsible for environmental protection, food production and standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

DEFRA’s regulations on animal welfare during transport state that no matter the length of journey, animals should be checked on regularly and their needs met, including allowing sufficient water, food and opportunity to rest are all provided for. Those who are responsible for handling the animals, should be trained to do so and are not permitted to provoke, harm or distress the animals.

At Felindre Cockapoos, we are able to provide a service that will transport your puppy to you anywhere in the UK or Europe, thanks to our DEFRA-registered transport team. We value your cockapoo puppy’s comfort, care and safety above all, so you can be reassured that they are in the very best possible hands.

Our husband and wife team are highly experienced in transporting Cockapoo puppies and are responsible for arranging regular stops on your Cockapoo puppy’s journey towards you, to ensure that they are well rested and relaxed upon their arrival.

Felindre Cockapoos will also take care of obtaining your puppy’s passport and documents for their journey abroad, to make this process as stress free as possible for both you and your beloved cockapoo.

If you are considering buying a cockapoo, we have cockapoo puppies for sale and we would love to hear from you. You can contact us here via our Felindre Cockapoos website form.