January is National Walk Your Dog Month!  

By Felindre Cockapoos Team

Every year, we barely reach the middle of January before Christmas is but a distant memory and now is the time to embark on new plans and goals.

Often, after all the merry making of the festive season, top amongst our goals is to improve our health and fitness. Well good news for dog owners, January is National Walk Your Dog month! We may have had plenty of rain and some freezing temperatures in the UK, but if you are a pooch parent, why not use this month to motivate yourself to get out and about with your four-legged friend and tackle this health goal together?

Cockapoo puppies, like both of their parent breeds, are energetic, active dogs that need regular exercise. Typically, an hour a day is just right, either split into a morning and evening walk of 30 minutes each or one longer one. Dogs that do not get enough exercise can end up with a little too much pent-up energy, and as any cockapoo owner knows, this is a recipe for mischief.

Of course, walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health too. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. This is true of humans and dogs alike.

This month, therefore, embraces the theme of National Walk Your Dog month and makes exercising your cockapoo puppy a priority each day. While it is chilly for a single long walk first thing, perhaps add in an extra walk in the evening. This will give you a little extra ‘you’ time after work, (avoiding the craziness of a gym at this busy time of year) and provide the perfect opportunity for you to wind down, as well as tone up, and your cockapoo can get the chance to wear himself out for an evening snoozing by the fire.

How cold is too cold?

Felindre Cockapoos are a nationwide cockapoo breeder in the UK and based in Wales where winter temperatures are typically six degrees Celsius in January. However, if you are based somewhere that Winter gets rather a lot chillier it may help you to know that is typically -6°C is the point at which vets say it is a little too cold for your best buddy to go on a walk with you.

Winter watchouts

Of course, common sense is paramount, avoid walking in areas where wet ground will likely have made it slippery and hazardous. Your cockapoo puppy, whilst nimble, could still get themselves into a bind where there is ice. Even more crucially, be especially cautious in areas where there may be frozen water, a happy energetic dog that let’s be honest loves to splash about in warmer temperatures, needs his owners to be mindful of just how dangerous this could be so steer well clear if you normally walk by lakes or ponds as the freezing temperatures could be a danger to your cockapoo puppy surprisingly quickly.

Be mindful too of where there is likely to be grit residue that can burn your dog’s paws, or antifreeze/de-icer chemicals from residents defrosting their cars which, if drunk, can poison your dog, so it is especially important not to let your fur baby drink from puddles at this time of year.

Many cockapoo owners prefer to protect their dogs curly coat from extra maintenance with an additional cosy dog coat or fleece at this time of year. These can be a great idea to give you one less thing to deal with when you return home after your walk, but even if you use these do make sure to clean and dry your cockapoo puppy’s paws when you return home to keep him safe from salt, grit or other cold weather nasties.

Other ways to add to your walks this month

Discover new routes; whilst making more time for walking your furry friend if weather does permit try and find some new walks to go on with your dog. Seek out new parks, nature trails, or even National Trust properties with your canine companion. National Walk Your Dog month is all about the physical and mental stimulation for your dog (and you!) so new sights and sniffs would be ideal.

Walking is a great way to get healthy and it is also free! Although that said you could also involve the whole family and use the month as an excuse to drag even the teens off the sofa, although we cannot promise, this will not cost you a hot chocolate at a café en route!

Check out Facebook for local dog walking groups, many dog rescues organise a regular walk each month to raise funds for their charity and give sociable dogs a chance to get together and play as well as take a group walk and finish at a dog friendly location. This way you can add socialising for you into your dog walk, not just socialise your dog.

At Felindre Cockapoos, we hope you get great enjoyment with your Cockapoo this National Walk Your Dog Month and that it helps you achieve not just a health and well-being goal but provides the perfect opportunity for bonding with your best friend.

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