Seven Things You Might Not Know About Cockapoos

So, you think you know all about cockapoos?  Well, if you are considering taking one on as a puppy then that is a very good thing! Just in case you are still doing your research though, at Felindre Cockapoos, having bred cockapoo puppies for many years now, what we do not know about cockapoos is not worth knowing, in fact it is probably a myth, so in this month’s blog we will let you in on a few things about our very favourite breed.

They are super smart

It is really important that you train your family pet in all the basic commands and get him or her on board with the grooming and handling requirements that are likely to be important. However, if you have chosen a cockapoo puppy as a family pet you will find that they are capable of learning a whole lot more than that. High fives, rolling over, shaking a paw? No problem.

If you are inclined to, you can even get your new companion to learn to dance with you like as you see on the dog talent shows, frankly most cockapoos will adore being the centre of attention! Many of the TV ads featuring dogs will use cockapoo puppies too, since as well as having the good looks that turn heads, they are so very willing to learn new tricks.

As friendly as a dog can be

Cockapoos are one of the most sociable dog breeds going; they love people, playtime, adore affection and are super loyal. They have, of course, been bred from poodles and spaniels, both of these breeds are known for their companionship. If you have a cockapoo puppy in your life the chances are that wherever you go your dog will surely follow. As much as he or she is allowed too anyway! This friendly temperament lends itself to fabulous therapy dogs too, for which their light weight is also a bonus, as they can sit on a lap and snuggle quite comfortably.

They are pretty high-energy

Some people will say that their cockapoo never really loses its puppy personality. Whilst they will not demand long walks on a daily basis, they do enjoy being active and are always up for a game. Most love a good game of fetch, love to run in big circles (once they are properly recall trained of course) and they often get a super cute bout of the zoomies. A cockapoo puppy will pretty much play with anyone, anytime. It is one of the many traits that make them such a lovely family pet. Whenever they are out for a walk, you can usually spot a cockapoo puppy by the happy little spring in his step.

They barely shed

Their poodle gene tends to make their fur either curly or wavy and the more a cockapoo takes after its poodle parent, the less it will shed. Many families who are desperate for a dog but have an asthmatic in the house will seek out such a breed for this reason. Cocker spaniels though, tend to shed moderately, so your cockapoo puppy is likely to shed its fur a little bit at least. As dogs go though, you will find that in general, your dog retains more of its fur than he sheds all over your clothes, carpets, floors and sofa!

Their ears need plenty of TLC

Like spaniels, of course the cockapoo is blessed with the floppy ears framing that cute face. Less air gets to their ears than for breeds with upright ears and as such their warmer ears can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This makes them prone to ear infections if they do not benefit from a robust ear cleaning routine and no one wants their fur baby to suffer from one of those. We can show you how to look after your dog’s ears and how to clean them, but you also need to have a good groomer on board who clips the fur short here and to be sure that if your dog likes to swim, you dry the inside of his ears after he does so.

They come in coats of many colours

If you take a look at our gallery page, you will see a multitude of puppies of all colours. apricot, light red, chocolate brown, black, cream, dapple, we have had them all. The pups can take on any of the colours of their parents and with poodle and spaniel colours in the mix even within a litter there can be a real variation of coat colours. You never know quite what you will get until the puppies are born and it is typical for coat colours to lighten as the dogs grown up. It goes without saying though that cockapoos are gorgeous inside and out, even if we are a tiny bit biased.

Their teeth need extra care

Dental disease is the most common health condition for dogs, and, at Felindre Cockapoos we do not mind admitting it is not the easiest thing to get your dog (whatever their breed) to co-operate with teeth brushing! However, for cockapoos it is really important, smaller breeds are more likely to experience problems than larger breeds and it can also start to be a concern at a younger age. No one quite knows why, but it is likely that the breeds with smaller heads and jaws are more likely to have overcrowded teeth, and smaller gaps between their teeth, making it easier for debris to get trapped. So, it is definitely worth starting your puppy with a good dental care regime young, link it to treats and hopefully you will be able to keep his or her teeth in tip top condition.

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