Our DEFRA-registered Team Can Bring Your Cockapoo Puppy to You

The welfare of animals during transport is protected by an EU legislation, which aims to ensure that no suffering or harm is caused to each animal during this transportation process.

Reassuring for all dog owners, this piece of legislation was implemented and supported by DEFRA. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs is the government department responsible for environmental protection, food production and standards, agriculture, fisheries and rural communities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

DEFRA’s regulations on animal welfare during transport state that no matter the length of journey, animals should be checked on regularly and their needs met, including allowing sufficient water, food and opportunity to rest are all provided for. Those who are responsible for handling the animals, should be trained to do so and are not permitted to provoke, harm or distress the animals.

At Felindre Cockapoos, we are able to provide a service that will transport your puppy to you anywhere in the UK or Europe, thanks to our DEFRA-registered transport team. We value your cockapoo puppy’s comfort, care and safety above all, so you can be reassured that they are in the very best possible hands.

Our husband and wife team are highly experienced in transporting Cockapoo puppies and are responsible for arranging regular stops on your Cockapoo puppy’s journey towards you, to ensure that they are well rested and relaxed upon their arrival.

Felindre Cockapoos will also take care of obtaining your puppy’s passport and documents for their journey abroad, to make this process as stress free as possible for both you and your beloved cockapoo.

If you are considering buying a cockapoo, we have cockapoo puppies for sale and we would love to hear from you. You can contact us here via our Felindre Cockapoos website form.