How to Keep your Cockapoo Cool in the Heat

It has been a bit of a wait, but the dog days of summer are finally here! With the weather warming up we this could be very welcome for us humans, but it may be less so for our Cockapoo friends.
However, do not worry, at Felindre Cockapoos we prefer you and your cockapoo puppy to be prepared for those sunny days and balmy nights, so here are a few things you can do to make sure you can keep your BFF cool and content this summer:

Water, water everywhere!
Make sure it is easy for your dog to access water wherever they are, if you and the family are outside, do not assume your Cockapoo will head inside for their water bowl to take a drink. As Cockapoo is your loyal companion, he or she probably will be eager to keep an eye on you and will not want to miss out. So, make sure you have a couple of extra bowls of water in the house and outside in the shade so that your dog can drink wherever they are spending their time. Remember too, that if you are heading out for the day with your canine companion to take water with you in the car so you can keep your dog (and yourselves) hydrated if you get stuck in a jam.

Create a splash pad for your pup
Cockapoos are natural born swimmers, thanks to their poodle heritage, (poodles were once used to retrieve small game from the water), but chances are that even if your dog is not much of a swimmer, they will probably enjoy getting their paws wet in the warm weather. This helps them cool down as your dog sweats through their pads to regulate their body temperature. Many dogs enjoy having a small children’s paddling pool with just a few inches of water to splash in (or drink from!) when they are in the garden. Just keep the water fresh and free from debris if your dog is more likely to use it as a giant water bowl! If you do not want a pool outside, your dog will probably enjoy jumping in and out of the sprinkler or hose too. Just a 5-minute session is plenty, you do not want to get them more hot and bothered!

Indoor air flow
Make sure that at night your dog has somewhere cool to lie, downstairs will be cooler for them, and they will probably prefer to access cool tiles or flooring rather than carpet, so keep this in mind if they are usually sharing your bed! Pointing fans directly at your dog is not a good idea, but using fans to help air flow around the room is helpful. Make sure they are safely positioned though, so your dog cannot knock it over or hurt themselves.

Cooling pads
If your dog struggles in the heat, cooling pads or even a cooling jacket are a helpful solution. Many pads are pressure activated and feel extra cool when your Cockapoo lies on them, so they offer welcome relief to your snoozing companion. Be wary though, if your Cockapoo puppies are still very much into chewing up all sorts, and make sure the pad you choose is non-toxic and from a reputable source. A cooling jacket works in the same way; a great alternative if you and your pooch are out and about.

Frozen treats
Whether it is one of the many doggy ice creams you can buy, a ‘pupsicle’ or just a piece of frozen watermelon or a couple of slices of banana there is sure to be an ice cold treat you can give your dog to cool off that he’s allowed to eat. You can also try freezing some dog paté on a lick mat to keep your pooch busy for a while, or in a Kong treat to keep them busy outdoors for a while. Be mindful if your dog has any allergies, you do not want any skin concerns to deal with! We know you are sure to want to show you love your dog and offer him a cooling treat on a hot summer’s day. He or she is part of the family after all!