When Your Cockapoo Puppy BFF Cannot Bear To Be Without You

There was recently some media coverage about the ‘pandemic pups’ that were taken on by so many families during lockdown. The Covid boom in taking on puppies, many from entirely disreputable sources, peaked around 2020-2021 and the RSPCA noted that these dogs have now reached a ‘difficult age’.

Dogs in adolescence can develop new behaviour traits that they did not show previously, perhaps becoming a little more stubborn, or changing their attitude towards other dogs; given they are essentially teenagers now.

With this in mind, and the change in family dynamics that September brings, the Felindre Cockapoo Puppies team thought we would share some Top Tips for helping your cockapoo puppy with separation anxiety at any age. After all, with family members back at school, university and work after spending the summer holidays together, even the most settled pet can be a little put out to lose his best buddies for much of the day.

Why does my dog get stressed out when I leave?

All dogs are, of course, pack animals and cockapoo puppies are one of the most sociable dog breeds going; they love people, playtime, adore affection and are super loyal. They have been bred from poodles and spaniels, both breeds are known for their companionship.

Given their nature then, your cockapoo puppy will sometimes struggle emotionally to understand why he cannot accompany you wherever you go.

As he or she matures the puppy has got used to his ‘pack’, enjoys the role in the family, loves being exercised and a lot of the time there is always someone to keep him company. Perhaps the cockapoo may even have enjoyed a dog-friendly pub or holiday over the summer. However, when you go out that wet nose can pe a little put out, even if this may not have been so much of a problem when he was younger.

Many owners also confess to a bit of a ‘lessening of the rules’ as their puppy matures. Perhaps your dog needs a gentle reminder that having you out of the house, or being confined to a room was once perfectly fine by them!

What to do about it

1.Train your puppy while he or she is little

Ideally, you should train your puppy while he or she is still young, to get used to you not being around, so that they learn that you will come back and then the cockapoo can be your loyal companion again just as before. Being apart from you should seem just as normal to them as when you all spend time together.

2.Manage where they spend their alone time

Some (not all) owners choose to crate train their puppies and this is a personal choice – you can do this by crating puppy for short periods while they leave the room and coming and going from it a little bit. Or you might prefer to limit the puppy to a single room when you are not in the house. Start by leaving the dog for gradually increased periods, starting with just a minute or so.

The puppy probably will not like it to begin with and there may well be barking, but it is so important to persevere and take the process slowly as this approach teaches them what he or she needs to be reassured, that his person WILL come back.

3.Leave them plenty to do

Having worked up a little more to being able to leave the house, make sure you provide ample stimulation for your dog so that he has something to keep him occupied. Without this (as you may experience when you have a tiny pup) your furry friend may seek out his own form of entertainment, which may well not be at all what you had in mind! By leaving them with a little snack, such as a Kong filled with treats, to keep them busy, your dog will start to look forward to you going out for a while and learn that being alone for a little while is just part of his routine.

4.Background noise

Even older dogs will likely need some distraction. Leaving the radio or TV in the background will help them to settle, instead of being in a silent home listening out for every car door or footstep outside just in case their favourite human is returning. Without background noise your cockapoo puppy may be far more reactive to these sounds, causing them to bark in either excitement or warning. Much as we love to come home to a happy, affectionate dog to greet us, we do not also want to see the neighbours there ready to complain about constant barking or howling.

5.A good exercise routine

Of course, a well exercised dog will be far more content when left, we know that Felindre Cockapoos owners are up to the job and sticking to the dog’s usual routine once summer is over will make sure he or she gives you what you need in return.

Felindre Cockapoos is a family-run cockapoo breeder specialist based in the UK and we have cockapoo puppies for sale that are ready to leave this September. Contact us for more information.