The Clarke Family, Surrey

Having been pestered by my 10 and 12 year old son and daughter to get a puppy for years, I finally gave in and was slightly nervous about what I had let myself in for. I needn’t have worried -Monty is the perfect puppy in every way.and has fitted into our family life so quickly. He has a very calm and loving temperament whilst still being a cheeky, playful puppy. He is confident and friendly to both other dogs and people and has charmed everyone in his puppy training classes. Walking up our road takes about half an hour as everyone wants to stop and say hello and admire his beautiful glossy coat. Toilet training is going really well but I don’t think I can take credit for that and have Jeremy to thank for starting him off on the right path! The set up that Jeremy has was very warm and welcoming and we felt hugely reassured when we arrived to pick Monty up. We could see that he had been given a great start in life. Both kids adore Monty and I have to admit, my husband and I are pretty smitten too! Thanks Jeremy for a gorgeous dog and we will keep you updated with more photos.

All the best,

Mark, Sian, Megan and Ben