Sheila and Libby, Lugano, Switzerland

Well, this one has been a great story and experience from day one:) we were contacted by the lovely Sheila from Lugano in Switzerland and kept in regular contact as her Puppy called Libby grew…… when the time came for Libby to leave us, we decided to take a flight to Switzerland with Libby in the cabin with us ……Libby took it all in her stride and it was an absolute pleasure to meet Sheila and Adolf at their lovely Home overlooking the gorgeous Lake Lugano. Libby and Sheila are super happy and made a great matchπŸ™‚ It’s amazing how well and quickly Libby has settled into the hustle and bustle of β€œposh” Swiss shopping, coffee shops and dips in the beautiful Lake Lugano from her humble beginnings in West WalesπŸ™‚

Thank you Sheila for the lovely wordsπŸ™‚

β€œDear Jeremy and Felindre Cockapoos, From making the decision to “down size” from Labradors (we have 2 females, Cordelia is 14 and Sophia is 8 ) and after seeing your web site I made contact with you. How lucky I am !!! From the start you answered my many and varied questions about the breed, which I knew nothing about. I felt that you really cared about your puppies and where they would make their “forever homes” after they left your “pack”…..and I wasn’t wrong.!!! I cannot thank you enough for going “above and beyond” to bring LIBBY to us, only 2 weeks ago, in the appalling weather all the way from Wales via Heathrow to Zurich and finally to us here in Lugano Switzerland. She is the most adorable puppy. She loves everybody and every 4 legs, is not worried about anybody or anything, loves attention, loves to play, and just sometimes loves to sleep !! She is the most appalling time waster and everyone she meets just finds her irresistible. Your breeding and nurturing of Libby during her first formative weeks has set her up for life as a well rounded, sociable COCKAPOO who immediately stole our hearts. She may be small in stature, but she is a “big person” who is enjoying life here in Switzerland with her Labrador sisters. Thank you so much Jeremy and Felindre Cockapoos. Fondest regards Sheila Spencer Winter. Vico Morcote. Lugano, Switzerland. β€œ