Our beautiful new addition Olive

Last year we adopted our lovely boy Marly who is a Serbian rescue. He was already 3.5 years old and had always been with other dogs in shelters and on the streets and we quickly realised he really needed a companion. After talking to Jeremy we were 100% sure we wanted a lovely cockapoo from here and let me tell you, this was by far one of the best decisions we made! Lovely Olive joined us now almost two weeks ago and her and Marly are inseparable already. They share the same bed constantly, love to play and love to make some good zoomies through our entire apartment. She is such a bundle of joy and we and Marly love her to bits. I was so pleased with the service from Jeremy and his son Kieran. As we live in London we asked for her to be brought to us which they happily did within a very reasonable price and the communication went very well. Kieran brought her here and she arrived safe and well and she is a real happy pup.

Thank you!!! We could not be happier.