Michael, Monica, Eva and Joshua & Nala, Geneva, Switzerland

Another personal delivery to Switzerland…….. We took the great opportunity to fly with the lovely Nala to Geneva, Switzerland and Nala loved every minute of the Journey….. even the shopping at LHR, and meeting so many people at the airport. https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v9/fa5/1.5/16/1f642.png?

“Hi Jeremy,

It has been almost 2 weeks since Nala joined our home. Nala being our first dog, we had been fortunate to deal with Felindre Cockapoo and Jeremy throughout the process.  As many said before, Jeremy takes all the time needed to answer all our questions (and we had many). Once we decided on our dog, we stayed in touch and were so happy to see her grow from distance via regular photos and videos being sent.  Jeremy then personally delivered Nala to our home in Switzerland and took the time to set her in smoothly. We appreciated the follow ups to check if all was ok the next few days.

Nala is a wonderful dog and very easy to handle so far… while we got a few accidents in the first few days, she was fully housetrained within 1 week (crate helped a lot!). She is loving, calm (for now), very smart and of course beautiful. I have to say that looking at many cockapoo pictures from around the world, the ones that Felindre Cockapoo “designs” are truly gorgeous and perfectly healthy. We got a lot of unprompted comments from our vet and educator who are used to see different types all year round.

I can only recommend Felindre and Jeremy if you ever want to get one of these lovely dogs.


Michael, Monica, Eva and Joshua”