Balasubramaniam Family, Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Jeremy,
It has been a month since our sweet Stella joined our big family! We’re sooo happy to have her and cannot even think about a day without her!
She adds so much brightness, love and laughter into ur life and also gives us some challenges here and then XD BUT thats good because we also grow and learn to be better to handle them 😉
There is already so many things we love about Stella but the best one is when one open the main door to the house and she’s already there and running towards you for being so happy to see you, ahh such love from a big heart in a tiny body ❤️❤️❤️✨

Our biggest thanks is to you for taking care of our little Stella so well and also leading us and giving advises which have been really helpful for us, especially as this is new for us.

Best wishes,