Everything you need to know about microchipping your cockapoo puppy

The UK has an estimated 8.5 million dogs and, regardless of whether you own a cockapoo puppy or any other breed, for the last two years, it has been compulsory to microchip them. It means if they wander too far from home, it is easy to reunite dogs with their owners once they are found. Here is everything you need to know about microchipping your dog.

What is a microchip and will it hurt my dog?

A microchip is a minute radio chip, no larger than a grain of rice. At Felindre Cockapoo Puppies, it is gently implanted under the dog’s skin between its shoulder blades. When this chip is scanned it shows their unique identification number. Having a microchip implanted does not hurt your dog. It is no different to having a standard injection or vaccination and it is made of non-reactive materials so will cause no side effects at all.

From what age do I need to microchip my dog?

Under the new rules all dogs aged eight weeks or more must be microchipped. As a responsible cockapoo breeder, all Felindre cockapoo puppies are microchipped.

How much does it cost to microchip my dog?

Most places that offer dog microchipping will charge between £10-£20 for the service. This will normally include the microchip itself, a qualified technician to implant it and the registration of your dog to one of the UKs main microchip databases. Your contact details along with the microchip number are then logged. Some local animal charities and organisations offer microchip services free of charge such as the Dogs Trust. You can be assured that any cockapoo puppy bought from a cockapoo breeder such as ourselves, will of course, already be microchipped so there is no extra cost involved.

What happens to my contact details and who has access to them?

The details that you will normally provide are your name, address, phone numbers and details of your pet. Your details will only be passed to professionals to contact you if your dog is lost such as a local vet, a rehoming centre or a dog warden. If you move house or change your phone number, you must always contact the database company and supply any updated details. There may be a small cost associated with amending your details so it is wise to research this first.

What are the names of the main UK microchipping databases?
There is more than one database in the UK. Here are their names and telephone numbers should you need to contact them.
• Anibase: 01904 487600
• PetIdentity: 01744 733229
• PetLog: 0844 4633999
• Pet Protect: 0800 0778558
• Pettrac: 0800 6529977
• Smarttrac: 0844 5420999

You could receive a fine

From April 6, 2016 owners of dogs found by the police or local authorities not to have a microchip will have the benefits explained to them and be given a short period to comply with the microchipping law. If they do not, they could face a fine of up to £500.

What you didn’t know about microchipping!

Microchipping is a way of giving your dog a permanent identification, but it does not prove ownership.

If your dog has been stolen and an ownership dispute arises then you must report it to the police, who can demand that details of the dog’s location be disclosed, where appropriate.

If you are considering buying one of our Felindre cockapoo puppies for sale, and would like to know more about microchipping then please contact us for more information.