Our First Dog!

As a family we felt like it was the right time to welcome a dog into our family, being our first dog we were very conscious about choosing the right breeder. We were recommended to check out Felindre cockapoos and we were very impressed by their credentials. We contacted Jeremy who was extremely helpful and answered every question we had and told us everything we needed to know about the breed etc. We was informed a little black cockapoo was available and the decision was made that ‘Dunster’ was going to be the newest member of the family. We received regular updates and pictures which was great. We arranged for Dunster to be dropped off at our house as we live a fair distance from Wales and was assured by Jeremy that they make this journey as comfortable as possible for the puppy.

We had already fallen in love with Dunster but when he arrived we were all so excited and he was to! We could not have asked for a more perfect well behaved puppy. Ed who delivered little Dunster answered all our questions and gave us great advice as this is our first dog. A family picture was taken and he headed off. We were so impressed with his behaviour on the first night, we all sat down for dinner at the table, when he went and played with his toys in his bed. We were told by many of our friends that puppies are known to wine at night but from day 2 up until present, he has not wined during the night & has adjusted to a bedtime routine. He is a very intelligent puppy and has picked up basic commands very quickly. Dunster is very well socialised and is very good with both Children and Adults, he simply loves attention. Obviously all puppies are going to be a little bit naughty but they are simply learning and you can’t help but smile even when they have done wrong.

I would recommend Felindre Cockapoos to anyone interested in welcoming a cockapoo into their family. They have made this whole experience so positive for us and for Dunster and we cannot thank them enough.

Steve, Sue, Nic and James Williams