Michael, Amy & Luna

Hi Jeremy,

We hope everything is well with you. I just want to drop you an email to let you know how Luna is getting on.

From day one she has been fantastic. She is playful, crazy and everyone’s favourite. She loves to meet new people and shows no fear when new people come to say hello, which happens a lot!! Everyone falls in love with her once they meet her and always compliment her temperament and the colour of her coat. She is also starting to make new friends with other dogs too which we are really happy about. She wasn’t too sure to start with but now is happy to get stuck in the middle.

Luna is about 99% toilet trained and will go the whole night without needing out and we only have the odd accident, usually when we can’t get the door open quick enough! She loves to nap anywhere, especially in the car, on the sofa or in front of the fire and is sleeping all night in her bed. She loves our company and we love hers, she follows us everywhere!!

Thank you so much for everything, from your advice you gave us beforehand, to checking in on her first night to make sure she settled with no issues and got to her new home safely. The hard work you put in before we got Luna is very apparent and we are very grateful for this as it has made owning our first puppy a lot easier. She has brought a lot of happiness to our lives in the short time we have had her and can’t imagine her not being here anymore.

Speak to you soon with more updates,

Thanks again

Michael and Amy”