Mathew, Laura & Luna & Willow

Hi Jeremy,
We have had our girls at home for only a short time and already we can’t imagine life without them!
They are happily sleeping through the night consistently from 11 – 6 with no accidents and 99% there for potty training in the day.  They are both such clever girls (doing very well at puppy training classes) and are so amazingly gentle and loving.
Our thanks to you for all the support and being so responsive to our questions, we really feel we found in you a partner to work with and someone with a true care for what they are doing, something sadly lacking in some other breeders we talked to prior to discovering Felindre Cockapoos, I think anyone who spent the time talking with you would soon come to this same conclusion.
Feel free to use us as a reference and if we happen across any other potential Cockapoo owners we’ll be pointing them your way!

Please see the attached pictures of Luna and Willow enjoying a walk through the forest. We’ll be keeping you in the loop with updates on their progress and all their adventures.

For now, all the best,
Matthew and Laura “